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**we are a drug free boat** *Through APCA we are in complete compliance with the Federal DOT Drug Testing Regulations Part  46 and satisfy USCG Random Drug Testing Requirements**IS THE LAW*no passport required for US Citizens *** 
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 On all of our private bookings, we can combine fishing and snorkeling or just RELAXING ! ! ! (like this customer below)

6' 4" angler Michael Tanionos  from Massachusetts and his first 90lb Wahoo!


Cake Boss aboard Maguro 2

Video Compilation

 We invite you to enjoy and experience fishing with local USCG Licensed Captain Danny Sosa (born and raised in Puerto Rico) with over 48 plus years of Fishing Knowledge in Fajardo, Vieques and Culebra Waters. As required by law, all Captains and Crew members of Maguro Fishing Charters are enrolled into a Random Drug Testing Program. Not only is the law, but is the most responsible way to take you fishing or relaxing.

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Me and a buddy have been fishing for many years, Captain Danny was professional, communicative, attentive and without doubt knew what he was doing. His mate, Edwin worked the lines non-stop. We selected the Premium Package which was well worth it for a full day, and it was money well spent. We high speed trolled for Wahoo and were successful catching 2 good size Wahoos, 25lbs and 30 lbs. I can't wait to come back and do some drops with Jigs and learn a few other tricks!!!! The operation is first class! The great thing about Capt. Danny is that he can provide lots of different fishing experience. I will definitely use Danny again, Can't wait!!

This is what Jason Castaldi asked us to share with potential customers before booking. below is his first request prior to booking Maguro fishing charters.

"My man, 

definitely look like the absolute best charter service after doing tons of research on this. will be traveling for work/play so looking forward to breaking things up with a couple fishing trips. i'm looking to book a trip on february 25, 2015 and another either March 1 or second. just looking for a great time and to catch some fish.

also want to make sure that you would be my captain because i have read of a lot of horror stories about bait and switch type situations and not getting what you pay for. i know that would not be the case with you just making sure is either you or your partner etc. just not some bozo. also wanted to know if at all possible to do something from san juan as that's where i'll be staying. so let me know what you think and i'd also be into traveling to meet you somewhere convenient.

jason castaldi

5 of 5 stars
My husband took a half-day charter with Danny in February and had an amazing experience by all measures. Danny carefully took the time to explain the local landscape, and desired experience he was looking for before making suggestions. My husband is an avid angler from the Northeast who traditionally hunts for tuna and striped bass, so his fishing and boating standards are high. He found the boat to be more than seaworthy, as there were 6-8 foot waves on the day he went and felt completely safe and comfortable the whole trip. But his knowledge and experience really came into play when he hooked into something large that made an initial blistering run. Danny was able to give him instructions while maneuvering the boat in 8 foot seas to make sure this giant did not turn into a fish story, while always putting safety first. 25 minutes later the battle was over,a giant emerged from the depths, and they had a wahoo of a lifetime in front of them. At 6.5 feet long at 90 lbs- this is a day that none of them will soon forget. If you are looking for experience, class, safety, and the chance for the fish of a lifetime in Puerto Rico, look no further than Captain Danny Sosa and Maguro Fishing Charters!

An Accommodating First Class Experience

I have used the Maguro Fishing Charter service about 6 times in the last two years. Captain Danny is the ultimate professional and you can count on him for a safe and enjoyable experience. He is knowledgeable of the waters and has been extremely accommodating to our needs whether it is a corporate outing or a family trip. With proper notice he can cater to the specifics of your trip to enhance the experience. Fishing is fishing and no reputable charter service can guarantee a catch, but what he can guarantee is a safe and enjoyable first class experience. I’m looking forward to my next trip in June.


"My husband and I had the experience of a lifetime fishing with Danny Sosa of Maguro Fishing Charters. Danny was very organized, professional and personalized his services to us as first time visitors to PR. Maguro Fishing Charters worked hard to make sure every detail of our trip was taken care of. The boat was immaculate and the fishing gear was first class. We arrived on the boat as customers and left as friends. We definitely will return to PR and Maguro Fishing Charters in the near future. Laura"

Hi Danny,
just a few words to thank you for another wonderful fishing trip.
as you know this is the third time I use your services and your operation always surpasses my expectations.
Mint conditioned boat, excellent fishing gear, expert deck hand always ready to help.
Each time I am more impressed with your expertise, knowledge of the fishing spots, electronics, state of the art technology and software you use to guarantee us the most exciting fishing experience.

  I have chartered fishing boats around the world and I can tell everybody that you, Maguro Fishing Charters, are THE BEST!!!
You are not A fishing charter but THE fishing charter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Capt. take care and keep providing the most spectacular fishing!

see you again,

Puerto Rico


Hi Captain Danny,
I just wanted to write to thank you for the best deep sea fishing trip ever. Not only did we catch lots of fish, and many varieties of fish, but we saw so much other wildlife as well! You were absolutely fabulous with my son really seemed to understand him and his sense of humor. The trip was exciting, fun, and very productive! We were eating fish for days...yum! I also want to extend a thank you to both Jorge and Julio. Both are wonderful men and Alex and I enjoyed them as well.

Please tell Jorge that I took my family to his friend's restaurant, Costa Mia, and we had the MOST delicious lunches! Alex had conch in butter, I had shrimp in garlic, Tony had a conch "sandwich" (I can't remember what they are called) and some sort of fish dish. My two other kids just had chicken. The food was delicious, though we did not meet his friend, the owner. We sat at one of the tables by the water, then after our lunch we all swam. The kids saw some gorgeous starfish, beautiful fish, and even some sort of sea snake. We had a wonderful time there.

Anyway, thanks again for the trip and thank Jorge for the yummy restaurant recommendation. We're home in Wisconsin and the temperature is dropping....snow is forecast for tomorrow, but we have wonderful Puerto Rican memories to keep us warm!

All the best,

Allison Murray"

""Hi Danny: Just a quick note to thank you for a great time during our recent bottom fishing trip. You truly run a first class operation. Me being a local, I have seen them all and you, by far, exceed in quality and value for our hard earned money. My father in law and I always felt as your friend, not as customers. Service was truly exceptional.

Every time a shark, wahoo or kingfish would cut our lines off, first mate was there ready with a brand new rig and bait for us to keep fishing. Catching the tuna,sharks and seeing the Mahi-Mahi due to your chumming technique was pretty cool. Even though the trip was for bottom fishing you took us trolling and then did some live baiting which other companies would not have done since it was not
part of the "agreement". The boat was very clean. I am glad for the four stoke engines on the boat. No noise at all, nor diesel smell or 2 stroke smoke that can make one sick,
specially kids.

The action was out of this world with not 2-3 minutes going by without somebody being hooked up, or double hooked. Sweet Spot!!! Thanks also for helping us with our fish fighting technique and deep jigging motion. We felt that
we definitely got more than what we paid for. We have decided to treat ourselves twice a year with a fishing trip, so you'll be hearing from us in a couple of months. Thanks again for all the effort you guys put in to make our trip one to remember and have a great summer with the blue marlins. Till next tide, Pedro""

Thank you Danny for truly the best day of our Puerto Rico trip!  You are a great host, fisherman and family man!  The experience was first rate, please don't change a thing!  Raz was great to spend the day with as well and he was very helpful with all of us, especially the boys.  We really enjoyed the freshest tuna we had ever eaten, my family made me serve it that evening!  We really appreciated the beverages and snacks that you provided and the opportunity to bathe and snorkel as well.  We will definitely call on you the next time we visit Puerto Rico, and visit more of the great restaurants you recommended.  I will be recommending your trip to some of my friends who plan to visit P.R.  We will forever be on the lookout for those "working birds"!    Hasta la Vista, Deborah & Rich Garcia & Family.



Captain Danny Sosa, Maguro Charters


You know you only get one shot a picking the right Guide/Charter Service – you have only one day to fish the water of Puerto Rico.  You have searched the Internet, reached out to others, and still have no way to make a solid decision on who to choose.  Let me recap my experience with Captain Danny Sosa as a testimonial to his expertise.

I was fortunate enough to attend a short conference for work in Fajardo, Puerto Rico.  Only one day was open for fishing, my favorite passion.  I grew up fly fishing the rivers and lakes of the Sierra in Northern California.  Now, I am Surf Angler in Southern California.  Having been on a few Tuna Trips in the Pacific Ocean, I knew I needed the best Captain, boat and the right equipment.

I did my homework, searched the WWW, and made a few phone calls to talk to the representatives of each Charter Service.  I wanted a day trip with only myself and wife on the Boat.  Captain Danny Sosa was the only one that texted me back with all the details for a planned fishing.  He kept me well informed on the trip strategy, the boat info, request for food, and of course the trip strategy.  For the next 2 weeks, he texted me on and off with what the fish action of his trips was like and how big the fish were.  He built the excitement even before the trip started.

When the trip day came, Captain Sosa was to pick up my wife and I at the hotel.  We were ready an hourly early – and found the Captain waiting for us.  The boat was new, clean and ready to go.  The live bait, hardware, tackle and food got loaded.  A thorough review of boat safety and some basic rules and we're off.

The catamaran hull boat with twin quiet and clean 4 stroke outboard motors cut through the wind chop (weather was not ideal for the day) with no problem.  I had specifically requested to go after Wahoo, and any willing Marlin that wanted to join in.  Captain had his favorite first shot spot, and we set up for the troll.  Four nice new rods out with a variety of his most successful rigs on each.  I didn’t take long for the first hook up, a big greater barracuda.  First fish in to set the tone.

The chop turned into big swells, and no more hook ups.  The water was getting stained.  The deck hand continuously putting different Wahoo proven patterns out and freshened up the bait.  No strikes.  Three quarters through the trip, I was thinking – “These guys really have tried everything for us, it is just going to be a great trip with no bragging fish to talk of”.

Captain then said, I got two more tricks up my sleeve.  We need better water clarity and some music the fish will like (full music system on the boat, with magnet frequencies below water too).  We pulled in the rods and outriggers and hauled off to look for clear water based on his experience.  The swells were big, plus 4 to 5 feet, but the Captained managed to find the clear water he was looking for.  Out went the same gear we started with.  Half hour later - I hooked up.  The captain used the autopilot and rolled his camera to captured the moment, and it was all up to me.  Well, sort of.  I did need some coaching on how to finesse the fish on successfully.  And we did.  It was a 35-40 pound Wahoo.  Two more barracuda, and it was time for me to get back to the conference.

On the way back, the swells were big, but that Prowler cut right through them.  It was surprising how steady we stayed on the trip.  We talked to the Captain about Charters, and how some people feel that the Captain must provide a catch to satisfy their Customers.  He feels and knows the pressure put on him by his Clients.  But deep down we agreed that all true anglers know this is fishing, not catching, and there are no guarantees.

My wife and I had a really great trip.  It would have been great even without the Wahoo.  To confirm this Charter Service is the best one in the area, at that evening’s conference meeting, my day fishing trip photos were used as intro slides.  I learned that at least a dozen other people had the same idea on using the day to fish.  From Wahoo, to Marlin, to inshore trips, they all had NO Fish Stories to tell.


Thanks again Captain Sosa!  Can’t wait to come back.

Evan J. Schlackman


You can check out my trip video here:
Evan's Video

Evan J. Schlackman


Thank you so much for such an incredible experience for my family!  From the first contact you were extremely professional and went above and and beyond trying to accommodate our group with 3 teenagers! (first they want to snorkel then they want to fish etc...!)  We called at the last minute and it turned out to be our best day while in Puerto Rico!!!  Highly fishing, snorkeling or island hoping your group will not be disappointed!  Jose was an awesome mate...thanks again!!! 
Milks Family



This is my third time with Captain Danny Sosa. He goes the extra mile to
make sure that you have a great fishing experience. We did Japanese Vertical Jigging, trolling and some bottom fishing with Lucanus Jigs. We had lots of action: caught groupers,jacks, tuna, a couple of sharks, many many strikes and lots of fun. 

The vessel is very stable and navigates smoothly, even though during rough seas..

Both the Captain and the deck hand were very knowledgeable about the
different jigs, lures and techniques. They were flexible to please us based on the action we were getting. He definitely knows the waters around both the northeast  and southeast coasts; and have different fishing marks based on the type of action we were looking for. You get to keep some of the catch if you want.

Ah....good music too.
Definitely recommend it.

Jorge Diaz
Puerto Rico


I want to take a moment to thank you again for an absolutely fabulous experience.

We appreciated that you and your crew went out of your way to make sure that our friend Mark, who was very ill, had one of the most enjoyable experiences of his life.

We will all truly cherish the smiles and happiness you all brought to him during our trip.

It was truly heartwarming to all of us. In just a few short hours, you were able to take a place in Mark's heart of cherished memories.

I highly recommend your company.

Dan Young
Newtown, PA"


From disappointment to total elation

Here is what CJ had to say while Fishing with Maguro Fishing Charters.....HE WON GE TOURNAMENT 1/25/2012

"From disappointment to total elation

For people reading this, I first want to say that I very rarely write recommendations or reviews. It’s always hard to know what perspective the writer is coming from, so I’ve always taken reviews that I’ve read with a grain of salt. I’m writing this review because Captain Danny Sosa of Maguro Fishing Charters has by far exceeded my wildest expectations and if anyone is interesting in having an outstanding fishing adventure, they should definitely consider Danny’s services.

I arrived in Fajardo, Puerto Rico on Monday Jan 23, 2012. A week earlier, I had booked a charter with another captain, from the same Fajardo area; and was very excited to get out on the water that afternoon. As an experienced fisherman that has gone deep sea fishing in a number of countries around the world I was careful in setting up the charter to specify what I was looking for. I had done my research and knew that the waters off the east coast of Puerto Rico have nice Mahi Mahi, Kingfish, Wahoo, Tarpon, and Amberjack to offer. I wanted to go trolling and asked the team to prepare for that. Unfortunately, upon my arrival to Puerto Rico I received a call from the captain, informing me that he did not have the ability to go out trolling that afternoon because the winds were gusting at 12-15 knots creating rougher conditions. The captain was pleasant and apologetic and offered to go out and do some bottom fishing but as this is not what I was looking for I declined to do this. I told him that I was an experienced fisherman who also owned a boat and understood what rough seas were and was prepared to deal with them. The captain said it was not up to me and that he couldn’t go out. Perplexed by this I asked him about other availability but he informed me that the winds were only scheduled to be the same the following days. Disappointed about this and the fact that bottom fishing was going to cost me the same amount, I decided to decline and move on.

I went back online in hopes of finding another charter company and after not to long I stumbled on Maguro Fishing Charters at I picked up the phone and got to Danny Sosa the owner and operator of the fishing charter. I explained my situation to Danny and although he had done nothing wrong he was very apologetic. He asked me if I still wanted to go fishing and let me know that he had availability the next day but that before we committed to doing something unsafe he would check the reports and radar and get back to me. After 45 mins or so he called back and explained that we were going to have similar conditions as today (12- 15 knot winds and 6-7 foot seas). Danny explained his equipment to me and asked me how familiar I was with his rig. I told him I was very experienced and we discussed a strategy and options that we could explore the next day. After devising 2 – 3 options we agreed to go out in the morning.

On Tuesday Jan 24, 2012 I went out with Danny at 7AM. Danny had done his homework in anticipation of my arrival. He had checked the conditions and had consulted a database they had created that detailed strikes versus weather conditions. He plotted the coordinates in the GPS and off we went. I chartered the boat for 6 hours and felt pretty comfortable that we would see some action. Weather was as advertised … choppy but within one and a half hours we were on to fish. We hit several Kingfish ranging from 36 to 48 inches long and best of all they were right where Danny had expected them to be. We zig zagged along the coordinates and had a good time. Danny’s first mate Jose did a great job changing the lures to match the water condition and sunlight. He allowed us to set the hook and fish fairly freely. At the end of 6 hours we came back with 7 Kingfish and 1 Tuna. So much for the conditions being so bad that we couldn’t fish.

Having had a successful trip on Tuesday I decided to go back out with 3 friends on Wednesday Jan 25, 2012. We chartered the boat from 1 - 5 PM. This time Danny made arrangements for us to make it to the drop off point where we would be in 1,000 to 2,000 foot sea. We jogged out to the Danny’s coordinates in about an hour and right on cue we hit a nice size Wahoo. I set the hook and passed the rod over to Mimi and she was on for a nice fight with the wahoo. She pulled in a 15 pounder which gave a nice fight. We trolled out for another 30 mins and began to make the turn to start the long jog back to shore when we realized a lot of activity in the water. Flying Fish were abundantly jumping and the sun was coming down. The waves were about 8 – 10 foot at this time and rising . Out of the back of the boat Jose started to shout to that we need to increase speed and with that a big Blue Marlin jumped up and was on the lure. Jose got a set and I began to assist with getting all of the other lines out of the water. I strapped into the harness and Jose got the pole over to me like a pro. With this the fight of my life was on. The fish immediately dove taking about 300 ft of line out and the war of attrition began. I reeled him to the leader and felt that we might get lucky to end the fight quickly but just like that he dove down under the boat and the captain had to do some quick maneuvers to keep us in position to not lose the marlin. It quite frankly was incredible. Jose helped to guide the action and the captain was spinning the boat in what I felt was 11-12 foot seas at this point. It took us about an hour and a half to see the fish and get it into position. We got to the leader and Jose jostled the line around as this was catch and release. We got the hook off and just like that the biggest fish I’ve ever caught took off. I have an amazing respect for these guys What they did was absolutely incredible. The precision was unbelievable, the technique was amazing, and they did everything they could have to help me to land this beautiful fish.

Catching fish is never guaranteed but it helps when you have a team out there that know what they are doing and it serious about their profession. If you ever want a great fishing adventure, this is hands down the place to go. It’s worth the money and the time to get there. By far this was one of the best days of my life.

Thanks Danny and Jose for a gift of a lifetime. I’ll be back for sure.

Your friend


Jose Caban Performing a Sport Fishing Seminar!!!!!!!!!!


This is what Mr. Kellner had to say about our recent trip.

"It was a great day. Captain speaking very clear English was a big plus. The boat felt larger than it was and handled the 5-6 foot swells with no problem. Fishing poles were awesome, big fight didn’t even feel like it was a big fight.

The only improvement I would suggest is making some kind of fish sandwich or fish fry to eat. I find it to be neat when you are on a charter boat and eating fish that has been recently caught. I imagine you get a lot of extra fish so making fish fry or sandwiches shouldn’t be a problem.

Thanks again for a fun day.

David Kellner
Florida (USA)"


Captain Danny,
Thank you for the lasting memories.
What a trip!!!! I have been out before "fishing" but most of the time it was just a boat ride, enjoyable but not really fishing.
This was a REAL FISHING trip. In that much water it takes someone with the equipment and know how to have the results we did.
Who would have thought that a floating dead palm tree in the middle of thousands of acres of water over 3000 feet deep would be a
signal to fish harder.
Captain Danny Sosa and his crew not only put me on the fish, they showed me how to catch the fish. I am an experienced fresh water angler, but without there help it would have been just a boat ride. No doubt they have the BEST of equipment and more know how than any
other I have fished with.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND them if you really want to catch fish!
Earl Trussell
Sandersville, GA USA

Hi Captain Danny,


                I hope all is well with you and your family.  My friends and I were just looking at some pictures of some or the large salmon and trout we had caught recently here in Michigan.  After teasing each other about who has caught the larger fish I had to log onto your website and show them the pictures of the 65lb Wahoo I caught when you took my family and I out fishing.  That was, to date, one of the most memorable fishing trips I've ever been on.  The equipment was top-notch and your knowledge of where to go was spot-on.  My wife and kids even had a ball.  They loved it when the dolphins started following right alongside the boat and still talk about it to this day…almost 2 years after our trip!  It was an absolutely wonderful time!  I always recommend Maguro Fishing Charters to anyone I hear is going to Puerto Rico.  I had a friend who tried to book a trip with you a couple of months ago but you were already fully booked… several days in advance.  I recommend anyone interested in trying to book a trip to call early as it's well worth the effort.  I just wanted to say thank you again and when I make it back to Puerto Rico again I'll be planning another trip with Maguro!

Best regards

Steve Zelle

Danny with Maguro fishing charters was the best choice for my wife and I for many reasons. I had called around to numerous other charters before contacting Danny, When I talked to Danny it just felt right. Weeks prior (and after) to our vacation Danny stayed in touch with me, texting me pictures and updates from recent trips. Danny actually takes time to care about each of his customers, I now consider him a true friend. He is a passionate fisherman, not just another charter captain. His local knowledge was also second to none

Dannys boat, equipment, and first mate, Julio, were flawless. The boat was clean, comfortable, and cut thru the waves with no problem. The rods and reels were top of the line Penn's and Shimano's.

Over all I have no compalints, and was very satisfied with our trip. 7 barracudas and 1 mahi mahi. Not a bad day! I would recommend Maguro Fishing Charters to anyone. Thanks again Captain Danny, see ya next time.

Daniel R. Molnar
Molnar Construction PC
(269) 998-6500

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